Congratulations Kelsey Moore Miss Texas USA 2010

Kelsey Moore
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Trained by Model Trainers
We achieved a Swimsuit and Overall Win on Kelsey's First time out!

Hands Together

Imagine - Your entire team of contestants improving their physiques by 20%. How about 50% or more? If I only gave them two healthy secrets that require just one hour of effort each week, all of your contestants can slash their body fat nearly in half. Imagine the possibilities if they follow my complete program. Imagine how much more refined your production would be. Imagine how much better prepared your winner will be for the next level of competition.


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Miss Texas USA

My name is John Gaetano, Owner of ModelTrainers.Com. For the past ten years I have led many clients to win Beauty Pageant Swimsuit Competitions and I have had even more successes with my everyday client Body Transformation Contests. In these type of contests my clients compete against as many as 200,000 contestants. I have produced many winners, and all of my clients have placed in the top 3% of all competitors but usually winning. Please watch this real time transformation video from my onefitbod video series. In this video you can watch Sonia's transformation as she trained to compete in World's Gym International Body Transformation Competition. In this, her first competion ever, she achieved first place, and went on to place in the top 3% in the Body For Life contest.



I started training pageant contestants in 2000, producing a winner in my very first year. I see so many pageant contestants who work tirelessly on their hair, makeup, and poise, yet may not put the equal amount of effort into their physique. We all know that the swimsuit portion of the pageant is not only critical, but often has a powerful impact on the judges, contestants, and therefore on the overall scoring. Additionally, the better a contestant feels about her physique, the more confidence she will have in other areas. A lean, toned physique will enhance every other aspect of a contestant's pageant experience.




Model Trainers Kelsey Moore

This is an invaluable service to provide to young impressionable girls. Not only will it add value and improve the quality of your production, it can also have a positive and lasting effect on each contestant. Body image complexes and eating disorders are a problem with many girls of all ages, but by providing them with the proper program and guidance, together we can help stem this tide.




Please make your reservations early. There are only 50 weekends available and we have contacted every pageant director for every pageant system in the country today. The earlier your contestants start their program, the more time they will have to fine tune their physiques.



Michelle Greco

I will travel to your US city and will meet all of the registered contestants at a specified Healthy Breakfast location. Here I will teach the contestants how to start each day properly with a nutrition lesson. Next we will meet at a pre-determined gym to educate them on the fundamentals of a safe weight lifting program. We will then move into the cardio room to show the importance of a properly structured cardio program. (Click on picture to the right and watch a testimonial.)

I will also provide each contestant with my online workout, diet, and cardio plan which will supplement what they learn in the one-day seminar, by providing the everyday tools needed for a body transformation. You will be amazed at the improvement in each of the girls and how this improves the overall look of your
production. The cost of this program is approximately $995 in Texas to $1995 in
Hawaii and Alaska as locations further away from our central offices will vary slightly
due to air travel and time demands. Click on map Map to check approximate pricing.
One of my awesome pageant Winners can also accompany me for approximately $695.00 if your contestants require specialized help in the fields such as Fashion, Hair, Make Up, Walk, Posing, Speaking, and even a Celebrity Chef. Please contact us for a custom quote. Click Here. Purchase here. My online program typically sells daily for $99. It is on sale now for $59! Sale

With  30 contestants this translates to a $1,800.00 Value, FREE   Free

With  50 contestants this translates to a $3,000.00 Value, FREE   Free

With 100 contestants this translates to a $6,000.00 Value, FREE Free   and so on.


If you have smaller contests and the live seminar pricing will not work, I still have an awesome program for you! Please contact me here. This program will pay for itself over and over in addition to adding a great element to your program. If you have 30 total contestants that translates to less than $50.00 per contestant and less than $20.00 if you have 100 contestants. This is a True Value.

If you purchase this program in the year 2009 I will lock your price in forever. If you find my product to be of great value and you would like us to return again, your base price will never change! Feel free to contact me here. Your contestants can always get more specialized information by purchasing my online program individually, email program, or they can call me by going to my calendar system at only $1 per minute. We look forward to helping you take your production to the next level and providing a truly valuable service to all of your contestants!
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