A Few Words About Me

Hi everyone! My name is John Gaetano. I have been personal training for 10 years and have been working out and studying physique transformation for many more. Personally I like looking a little bigger for myself and that fits me, but trust me, I know what pageant girls, models, and clients want to look like in today's pageant, modeling, and everyday world. What I like to look like and what you need to and desire to look like is never confused. Your wish is my command and I have produced many Winners!

About Me

To date I have produced a total of 2 State Winners, Texas and New Mexico both winning Swimsuit, 7 Miss and Teen El Paso Winners "and All Winning Swimsuit", many others placing from 3rd but never less than top 15, 2 Miss Texas Top 15 Finalists, 1 Worlds Gym International Body Transformation Winner, 10 top 5% to 1% Body For Life Transformation Finalists, various other Magazine Contest Transformation Winners where each was competing against hundreds of thousands of people, and many everyday clients achieving major body transformations.

I have accomplished this one special client at a time. Never giving a program to the majority of the contestants in a contest, but taking the first client who contacted me for a particular contest or special event, personally training them, and typically achieving a win or very close to a win.



I started out my first fitness company as www.onefitbod.com and this is how you will see all the videos. This concept evolved into today's www.modeltrainers.com where I will create the same personalized workouts, diet plans, and cardio routines customized only to your individual needs. Together we will obtain the body and health you have dreamed of.



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My Program Introduces The K.I.S.S. System


One may read every fitness book, magazine, article, or see any video on fitness and five simple things inevitably surface.
1. Lift weights
2. Do Cardio
3. Eat Right
4. Sleep
5. Be Consistent
My program is not the "HIGHLY PRODUCED HOLLYWOOD INFOMERCIAL" you may see on late night TV claiming that "A RUBBER BAND" will make you look like the fitness models they have hired to make their commercials. Model Trainers program is a "REAL" world solution created to make it so simple to follow that anyone can do it as proven by the real people that you see on my site. Simplicity is the key. All you have to do is follow the five elements that I will introduce in your program and your fitness dreams will be met very soon.

About Me

As a collegiate volleyball player and being an athlete most of my life, I did not think I could really change my body that much more. I always ate really well and worked out! I decided to enter the Miss El Paso Texas contest and a friend in the contest recommended John Gaetano of ModelTrainers.com. We spoke and I realized right away he would be able to take my body to the next level. Sure enough that is exactly what happened and I needed it because my competition was EXTREMELY good. I won the swimsuit and the competition. We have been training for Miss Texas for months after Miss El Paso and I can not believe how much I have changed. I did not think it was possible. I am off to Miss Texas in a few days. Wish me Luck! Thanks John, I am truly at my peak condition because of you!



About MeBelieving that swimsuit must be won in order to make it to the top spot, I decided to get professional from John Gaetano. John was the answer. He gave me such undivided attention that I actually enjoyed working out much more that in the past. My abs never looked better and I definitely recommend him to anyone looking to improve their body in a very healthy way.



About Me



All videos on Model Trainers were produced from my sister company, www.onefitbod.com